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Embodied Bliss - Women's Retreat

  • SOUL CENTRE 18 Huia Road Auckland, Auckland, 0604 New Zealand (map)

Your body is an infinite well of wisdom. Through creating a richer and more loving connection with your body you open to receive your inner wisdom, embrace your wholeness and live a more authentic and nourishing life.


This one-day retreat will be both a journey into the divine feminine and a reverent honouring of you as a unique human woman. It is specifically created to give you practices to see where you are holding yourself back in life and how you can show up in a more empowered, loving and courageous way, in life, in your relationships, in your work, and most importantly in your connection to yourself.


This will be a nourishing blend of embodied movement, sacred women’s ritual, creative practices, and sharing in the collective wisdom and joy of women coming together with intention.


Some of the things we are going to explore are:

- Learning to listen deeply to your body and your truth

- An empowered view of the feminine

- Releasing shame

- Being unapologetic

- Self-love & body love

- Creating sacred connection 


Society teaches us to disconnect from our bodies, yet your body offers you such a gift. When you learn the art of presence and listening you open to your own gifts.


If You Are You Seeking:

- More love and acceptance of yourself and your body

- A stronger ability to access your inner wisdom and intuition

- The ability to move with more ease and fluidity

- To embrace your wholeness as a woman

- To heal your relationship to your body, the feminine and your sensuality

- More vitality, creativity and joy in your life 

- Sacred rituals to implement into your life to honour yourself as a woman


If you answered yes to any of these you will love the Embodied Bliss Journey.


For Bookings and Inquiries contact Rani:



Early Bird $100 – ends July 30th

Full price $135


A bit about me:

I’m Rani Michelle. I’m a huge advocate for self-empowerment through embodiment. I see the body as a deep well of wisdom and through learning to listen we access our inner potency. By creating deeper connection to ourselves we also cultivate the capacity to explore a more present and empowered way of relating to those around us. I'm really passionate about creating deeper connections in my life and supporting others to do the same. I create space for every person to show up in their deepest truth, their vulnerabilities and their strengths. I facilitate from an open-hearted space of non-judgement and unconditional love so each person is safe to explore their wholeness, authentic expression and their gifts. I’m interested in the re-education around how we relate to our bodies, and how we can create a richer relationship with our authentic wholeness and truth - which then creates a fuller experience of life. My vision is living in a society that honours the sacredness in life, in our bodies, and in the earth. I am an Embodied Bliss facilitator and coach, a yoga teacher, a dance facilitator (Dancing Eros), a sensuality and intimacy guide and a leader of feminine empowerment journeys and one on one sessions.