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Feldenkrais Method 5 Weeks Course- Awareness Through Movement

  • SOUL Centre 18 Huia Road Auckland, Auckland, 0604 New Zealand (map)

Have you ever wondered how children move with so much freedom and ease? And why as adults we often hold pain, stiffness and tension in our bodies?

Does it need to be that way?

If you'd like to explore how to find more of this childlike freedom of movement, join us for a 5 week Feldenkrais series.

What is The Feldenkrais Method (R)?

It's a form of movement education which:
-Identifies inefficient habitual patterns
-Breaks them apart and
-Replaces them with optimal patterns unique to your specific body

Over the 5 weeks we will take a journey through some early developmental movement patterns. Stuff you may not have done since you were a child. This will help you to...

-Increase pleasure and yumminess in your movement
-Improve your flexibility
-Reduce or eliminate pain
-Improve your balance and posture
-Develop greater coordination and body awareness

Special Price for 5 classes $55 or use your SOUL Class Card.

Register now: info@soulcentre

Ask Tom questions:

022 371 0657