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Power,Pleasure & Purpose - Friday Night Special

  • SOUL Centre 18 Huia Road Auckland, Auckland, 0604 New Zealand (map)

Special Friday night event 7pm-9:30pm for the Workshop with Sonja Shradha Devi

only $30

Your chance to experience and catch a glimpse at what will happen during this powerful transformational weekend!


Join us a potent 3 day program (starting on Friday eve) designed to set you up to live a full power feminine centred life on your terms


- Receive the tools to step up to a whole new level of empowerment, confidence, vitality and integrity.


-Release disempowering patterns and the nagging self doubts that keep you playing small.


-Connect with your capacity to self source what you need to life fully.


-Learn to activate and channel empowered sexual energy into your work and relationships


-Get super clear about on where you are at and where you are heading, and how to stay juicy as you live your purpose.


Dear sisters


Would you like to embody your power in a way that feels nourishing and authentic?


Would you like to invite more ease, trust and sensual beauty into your body and your life?


It is a time of massive transformation for women; we are being called up to the next level of our empowerment so we can best serve our families, our community, the earth and ourselves.


But to do this we need each other, we need our sisters, we need safe spaces of deep support so that we can feel both guided and supported as we let go of old patterns, make new choices and move forward on the path we really want to be on.


If we are to own our power in a feminine way it is VITAL to have both nourishing support and the kinds of skills and practices that keep us in constant connection with our own embodied truth.


This 3-day (one evening and two full days) intensive is designed to offer you this container for transformation, it will be a powerful space for you to explore who you are, to let go of what does not serve you and CLAIM AND EMBODY YOUR deepest PURPOSE and Sensual Nature.


Join us on a journey to embody your feminine power and gain all you need to take the next bold step on your path as a radiant woman


You will learn:


-How to find your power INSIDE YOUR OWN BODY


-How to keep your energy levels TOPPED UP through valuable Feminine Rejuvenation practices you can easily incorporate in your daily life


-HOW to DEEPEN your capacity for INTIMACY and access to PLEASURE through simple but powerful Tantric techniques, reflections and activations.


-A way to meet your sexual energy, and your body, with fresh eyes through energy activation, dance and ritual.


-Toaist, Tantric and Shamanic tools to help you stay anchored, juicy and connected to your sensual power as you do your thing in the world.


You will also experience:


-Feminine style yoga and ritual that will radically juice up your daily practice.


-Yoni articulation practices designed to awaken your pelvic floor and bring more awareness and LIFE FORCE into your sexual organs for both pleasure and health.


-Voice work that will release blockages to expressing your needs.


-Processes that allow you to identify and explore your key stumbling blocks around personal power and find a completely different way to be in the world as YOU.


You will explore:


-What it is like to live from your belly and your heart, rather than your head


-How you can show up and give your gifts to the world in a feminine way.


-How it is to KNOW your truth and LIVE it and EXPRESS it, in all areas of your life



This is for you if :


You are a woman who is feeling the call to live from a place of connection to your embodied truth, and use your empowered sexual energy as rocket fuel to serve your purpose here on earth.




It is for you if you feel fear about really stepping into your power and/or would like to get more intimate with YOUR own unique Power, Pleasure and Purpose.




It is for you if you are already feeling empowered and would like to refine your intentions and get clear and ENERGIZED and focused for the next era of your existence.


This is also for women who;


- Wish to feel more free, comfortable and confident in their bodies.

- Would like to move out of disempowering sexual and relationship patterns.

- Are ready to release self judgment, step into their embodied power and embrace their vulnerability..


A safe and loving space will be held, potent practices will be offered, you will have deep life changing insights and shifts and you will walk out of the space SHINING.


This workshop will suit pretty much any woman of any age who is feeling the call to step into more empowerment in themselves, but is especially applicable to those who are feeling the call to step up and offer their gifts to the world.


Whatever your personal needs and intentions are we welcome you to use this space as an incubation space to give you exactly what you need step up to the next level of empowerment, confidence, aliveness and integrity, open & activate your sensual body and hone your intentions for the next steps on your path.


Come and join us in this revolution of women stepping into their power- in a deliciously feminine way.



Your facilitator:


Sonja Shradha Devi is a Priestess, Mentor, Facilitator and Healer who works with women from all over the world sharing practices for feminine embodiment and holding powerful transformational spaces for deep empowerment. Her first time to NZ she looks forward to sharing her magic with those women feeling the call to explore and embrace their own unique flavor of power, pleasure and purpose.



Friday night 7-9.30pm

Sat 10-5pm

Sun 10-5pm


Registrations essential to:

$333 Earlybird registration before 1st April 2018

$444 Regular registration


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