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Meridan Dance with Kimberley Jade

  • SOUL CENTRE 18 Huia Road Auckland, Auckland, 0604 New Zealand (map)

Meridians are the energy pathways in our body, they flow and supply our organs with essential energy and chi so that we can function at our best. Sometimes these meridian pathways can get blocked, from trauma, issues, injuries and pain causing distention, and emotional stress.

Incorporating a Meridian massage with Dance is a powerful way to clear blockages and raise your energy and vibration.

Kimberley Jade has incorporated her Kinesiology practice of the ancient Chinese art of balancing meridians by energetic massage, with her passion of Dance. A firm believer that Dance is a powerful healer, Kimberley DJs a collective array of transforming music on a journey of self discovery and in the frequency of 432-Hertz.

A 2-hour journey, beginning with a guided Meridian Massage Movement, through the 5 Elements Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood and ending with a DJed Free Dance to release, empower and enjoy.

Kimberley Jade is a DJ, Sound Therapist, Kinesiologist and Coach. Her passion is music, exploring sound, its healing benefits and dance meditations. She started DJing in 2000 and based in Sydney for 7 years, DJed professionally in Bars, Clubs and Festivals until she had the realisation that there was more to playing at parties. Following her urge within to come from a more conscious and transformational level, DJ Kimba Jade takes people on a healing journey via music that stimulates the heart. Her sets are in 432-Hertz frequency, infusing earthy and etheric tunes with her love of deep tech. She has a Kinesiology & Sound Therapy clinic in Auckland where she assists people to achieve the most out of their lives. She runs various sound movement events, including Be Free Dance and Embodied Dance of Awakening.

$25 on the door - come on down!!!!

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