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Breath of Bliss Ceremony with Shannon Rose

Join Shannon Rose for a Breath of Bliss Ceremony to awaken to your highest potential with breath, movement and sound. 

Together we create sacred space for a two hour ceremony including intention setting, movement and heart sharing to help you drop into a deeply present state before we lie down for an hour long circular, connected breath journey. 

This type of transformational breathing is much different from everyday or yogic breathing. Benefits can include: 

- Physical sensation and aliveness, clearing of blocked energy/emotions giving you more access to desirable emotions
- Profound insights, greater brain connectivity, creativity and focus
- Freedom from stress and anxiety
- Access to the unconscious mind to shed limiting beliefs and patterns
- Greater feelings of compassion and connection to yourself, the earth, and other people
- Stimulation of pituitary gland and DMT to access visions and altered states of consciousness and spiritual awakening
- Basically powerful, mind-altering experiences of deep presence, heart-opening and connection.

Come along and experience the gift your breath has to offer, connecting you to the truest essence of you. 

$42 NZD early bird before 4 February or $55 NZD on the door.


Water, notebook, eye mask, an open mind and heart.
Yoga matts and blankets provided. 

Shannon Rose is a trained Breathwork Facilitator with Breath of Bliss from Aotearoa with a passion for using connected breathing, ecstatic movement and sound, to activate remembrance journeys of your true essence, ancient wisdom, clarity and divine connection. Her mission is to help 1 million people awaken to their highest potential through transformational events, aimed at connecting to the pure love, compassion and unity at the core of each of us. Being of Maori descent, she brings the ancient wisdom of her ancestors and Earth Mother Papatuanuku to help guide and support her ceremonies. 

“Shannon held one of the most transformative ceremonies I’ve ever been too. I was able to completely release fully in her ceremony. It was an incredible experience, one I’ll remember for the rest of life. So inspired and uplifted by her warm presence.” Alice

“Ah Shannon! Such a refreshing breath of air, her ceremonies are powerful, spiritual and truly transformational. She holds such a safe and nurturing space which allowed me to express repressed energy, get much needed clarity and connect to my ancestors, my roots! Forever in-debted to Shannon for her love and wisdom shared in the ceremony.” Jean-Marc

“I went to Shannon’s breathwork ceremony and the transformative experience cannot even be put into words. It was truly two hours of deep emotional release and connection that has shifted things in me that I’ve been trying to deal with for such a long time. The exercises, the music, Shannon’s guidance was all so perfect, I could not recommend her ceremony any more to absolutely everyone, it is such a beautiful way to come back to feeling like a free and happy person.” Rochana

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