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Elemental Alchemy - Chi Kung + Energy Medicine Practitioner and Teacher Training

  • SOUL CENTRE 18 Huia Road Auckland New Zealand (map)

Elemental Alchemy/ Elemental Chi Kung is a progressive approach to chi kung that incorporates classic styles and philosophies with modern bodymind and energy concepts. The approach explores body and chi awareness as a way to deepen into our internal chi flow through movement, stillness, meditation and breath. A creative space is sought to allow our essential nature to express itself and bring about transformations. The approach emphasizes the five elements as the foundation of chi kung. the workshops in Chi Kung are an ongoing series that interested participants can enter at any point. The workshops can either be attended individually or as a whole series.

There are ten, 2 day workshops and an annual retreat and the overall intention of the workshops are to present Chi Kung as a way to open to a deeper and richer connection to the life force within the human system and within nature. In particular to listen and be aware of the subtle power of your health and become aware of movements of chi within your body and mind. 

The workshops will teach the following skills:

* self reflection

*stability and groundedness

*stillness of the body and mind

*sensitivity to chi

*use of intention

*strength, Stamina and flexibilty

*synchronisity of movement, along with an understanding and appreciation of the body's structure, traditional chinese medical concepts and taoist philosophy.

For those who want to teach Elemental Chi Kung - you must attend all 10 workshops plus two retreats as well as completing additional homework. This must be completed within 3 consecutive years.


2019 Module dates:

16/17 March

18/19 May

27/28 July

7/8 September

2/3 November