SOUL- Wellbeing at Work


Does your workplace need a rustle-up? Getting the work-day blues? Need to perk up yourself and your staff?

  •  Studies have shown that workplace wellness enhances productivity and reduces medical costs and absenteeism. 
  • Employees work smarter and with more ease.
  • Valuable investment in staff well-being
  • Productivity soars
  • Workplace relations blossom
  • Happy campers all round!



SOUL- Wellness Programs

We offer a plethora of beautiful programs to make your day at work feel productive and peaceful, keeping you and your employees well, happy and thriving.

We companion employees in office and work- based environments to promote healthy life-styles, positive attitudes, stress management, injury prevention and mindfulness at work, tailored to the needs of your team.


Mindfulness + Moving Mindfulness Programs

We provide mindfulness programs for your organisation, including introductory workshops and ongoing mindfulness and moving mindfulness programs. Mindfulness is proven to increase productivity and decrease stress in the workplace.


Yoga + Pilates

We provide yoga and pilates teachers who are just waiting to give your staff beautiful classes, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or just a one-off great class as a bonus.



Chair Massage + Reflexology

One on One sessions in either of these modalities keeps employees relaxed, happy and healthy. We bring the therapist to you onsite. We can also do short but sweet shoulder massages for all the team.


Chair Yoga

Yep it's a revolution - chair yoga is hip!!! Get your workplace on it and get relaxing on that chair of yours!

Get the benefits of Yoga without leaving your desk. Commission a fun class for your workmates.

Typing and clicking a mouse on my computer all day is the nature of the work I do. I’ve suffered from a sore wrist because of it for ages. However, receiving a weekly massage from you seems to have completely alleviated my RSI symptoms. I now have no pain in my wrist thanks to your weekly treatments! In fact I hadn’t even thought about it for weeks — the pain has vanished!
— Chris Beckett — Traffic Planning Engineer

Just wanted to say thank you for Friday! You and your team were fantastic. The feedback was the massages where amazing! Thanks again.”
— Amanda - Bayleys conference

Its fast becoming my favourite thing to do!” -
— Janeen Love – Auckland Museum (about our yoga in the workplace program)

Thank you so much for all the restorative peace, calm, suppleness you have given us this latter part of the year. You have been an inspiration and the girls just love your classes. We will definitely want to resume in the new year.
— – Sue Duncan – Director of Soiree (about our yoga in the workplace program)

Working with Willa and the team at Soul Wellbeing at Work has been a wonderful experience. Every single service provider I meet was easy to communicate with, understanding and adaptable as well as extremely passionate about what they do.
— Tammee Hourani- HR Auckland Museum