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Movements of the Heart - Tauranga : 1-Day Program

Holistic Practices - Awakening Consciousness - Inner Wisdom

Wilhemeena Monroe and Jeffrey Wium offer MOVEMENTS OF THE HEART, a deeply personal and collective healing experience based on ancient wisdom teachings, heart intelligence, energy medicine, quantum practices, meditation, motion, consciousness, quietude and loving presence.

Jeffrey and Willa will hold the container for you to:

+ explore authenticity and internal authority
+ deepen mental, emotional and physical tranquility
+ strengthen mind-body-spirit connectivity
+ expand interpersonal and inter-dimensional relationships
+ shift perceptual awareness to find opportunity in obstacle
+ cultivate contentment in a world of constant change

On adjoining evenings, Jeffrey will present his film WISDOMKEEPERS, PAQO ANDINO and speak about the journey into the heart of an ancient, eco-spiritual tradition to experience the practical and mystical lifeways that have sustained one of our planet’s few uninterrupted celestial wisdom lineages.


WILHEMEENA MONROE is a healer, facilitator, teacher, artist and writer. During her
years as a professional dancer, artist and choreographer, Wilhemeena explored a
means for healing using movement, stillness, creativity and touch. She has trained in a myriad of healing modalities, sacred technologies and human advancement. She is a teacher of the healing and sacred arts, and founder of the Soul Centre in Titirangi.

JEFFREY WIUM began his mystical studies in Tibet and is a celestial lineage holder
in the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition. He teaches and facilitates an integrative
approach to awakening and healing based on quantum energy medicine, qigong,
reiki, yoga, meditation, psychosomatic bodywork, sound-light therapy, gnostic
philosophy and shamanic practice. He is the founder of the Wisdomkeepers Project.

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