Hatha Flow Yoga

Melissa: Sat 8am


Hatha Yoga is an ancient holistic system of health and self-development that begins with the body as a practical way to affect all aspects of ones being on both the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Hatha Flow is a combination of dynamic, energizing sequences of postures for strength and flexibility, rejuvenating flows for deep release and relaxation, moving into still postures for longer periods. Breath and movement are linked together to create flowing sequences of related asanas, which helps to rejuvenate the body and release mental and emotional tension, inducing deep relaxation as awareness of breath, body and mind becomes integrated.


Pregnancy Yoga

Coming soon in Jan 2019


Ante-natal Yoga for nurturing and growing the new Mum and her blossoming being within. This class will focus on connecting you both, and developing a happier, healthier, less stressful pregnancy, easier labour and post-natal experience for both of you. Best after the 1st trimester.

These practices of Pregnancy yoga are suitable for women both pre & post birth who are looking to stretch & strengthen safely & also to cultivate a more conscious relationship with sensation, self & child.

We begin with breathing practices that cultivate the bridge between mind, body & your baby. We then tune in with a brief mantra & later in the practice go deeper into sounding practices, since almost no one births silently! Becoming more comfortable with sound enables you to not only breathe more fully & to free up concretized areas of your body with focused vibration, but also to own your birthing space & experience when the time comes. Our movements are accessible to even those brand new to yoga and the spaciousness & strength they provide are invaluable in developing trust in one's own body & its wisdom. Additionally, each session will have a safe exercise that develops our relationship to intensity so we can learn how to befriend our fears by breathing & releasing in the midst of challenge. Relaxation is a key skill to be honed so each practice ends with deep rest.

I did your pregnancy yoga classes a couple of years ago and credit them to an intervention free, empowered first birth of my little girl, Erin. Thanks for your wonderful teachings and kind, generous spirit. I do believe that your classes laid the foundations for me to approach the births of both my children with the confidence and belief that my body was capable of the job at hand.
— Kim Oelofse

Core Flow Yoga

Hannah: Mon 5.45pm


Hannah’s contemporary take on Hatha yoga incorporates Pilates-based exercises and has a strong focus on alignment, strength, breath and ultimately, flow. The class begins by moving through a series of floor-based asanas to build core strength and to slowly awaken both the body and the mind, transitioning into a slow flowing standing series before winding down with deep relaxation.


Natural Movement

Martin:  Mon 7.15pm

Our bodies are made to move. The buzz of everyday life, fast paced days and the requirements of modern society make it hard to move in the way we are meant to move as human beings. 

This class is designed to reconnect you with your origin showing you how to regain the natural capabilities of your body, create new movement patterns, and get stronger, more aware and flexible while doing it. You will also be able to realize new solutions for every day life and how to implement new habits into your working day and will change how you think about movement.

If you are looking for a new way to move, reconnect body and mind , and to have fun exploring new things then this class is for you

Some benefits of the practice are:

- better self awareness

- improved mobility, strength and coordination

- less pain and stress

- more freedom of choice in everyday life

- improved creativity

- improved way of breathing


Feldenkrais Method 5 Weeks Course- Awareness Through Movement

Tom: Tues 11am - starts again in FEB 2019

Have you ever wondered how children move with so much freedom and ease? And why as adults we often hold pain, stiffness and tension in our bodies?

Does it need to be that way?

What is The Feldenkrais Method (R)?

It's a form of movement education which:
-Identifies inefficient habitual patterns
-Breaks them apart and
-Replaces them with optimal patterns unique to your specific body

Over the 5 weeks we will take a journey through some early developmental movement patterns. Stuff you may not have done since you were a child. This will help you to...

-Increase pleasure and yumminess in your movement
-Improve your flexibility
-Reduce or eliminate pain
-Improve your balance and posture
-Develop greater coordination and body awareness

Special Price for 5 classes $55 or use your SOUL Class Card.

Register now: info@soulcentre

Ask Tom questions:


022 371 0657



Cacao + Meditation

Lucy:                                    Tues 6pm

A beautiful way to spend a Tuesday evening, invoking the essence of cacao and sitting in meditation. Come as a standalone class, or as an awesome beginning to your yoga practice at 7.30pm. Because it's always better with chocolate!


Shin Yoga

Willa: Wed: 6pm


Drawing on the developmental postures of Shin Somatics, Skinner Releasing principles and somatic practice these classes focus on opening and lengthening the body and quietening the mind. Based on the founding principle of Yoga – to create balance - we begin with balancing the nervous system and endocrine system, using asanas and pranayama inspired for healing and inner reflection. Help manage stress, learn to wind down and create a space to just be in your body.  This is a transformative practice. Also suitable for those new to yoga, recovering from illness or injury, those in the later stages of the life cycle, or those in HOLIDAY MODE, also helpful for post-natal mums. Shin Yoga will move gently through the postures with a focus on healing, restoration and revitalization.


Ashtanga Yoga

Luke:  Tues 7.15pm + Thurs 6pm + Sunday 8am



Ashtanga yoga links the breath, physical poses and concentration in a flowing meditation. The practice generates heat which cleanses the body of toxins allowing it to become light and strong. Suitable for beginners wanting a more dynamic yoga practice, or for intermediate level students. The practice focuses on the primary series of Ashtanga yoga.


Pilates Summer Bootcamp

Brittany: Thursday 7:30pm


Pilates Summer Bootcamp -  is a Mat based workout, focused on increasing strength and stability while maintaining safe postural alignment.  This hour-long class will move through a series of exercises with strong emphasis on breath, engaging all muscle groups and encouraging flow and control within each movement. Over time, a Pilates practice effectively results in a balanced, stronger, leaner body. 


Chi Kung (Qi Gong)

Willa:                                     Tues 9.30am                         Fri 9.30am

Qigong is an ancient Chinese health care system which combines gentle physical movements, breathing techniques and focused intentions, to cultivate and move Qi (life force or vital energy) throughout the body.

Together the exercises promote self-healing and health maintenance through relaxation, healthy breathing, good posture and meditation.

The morning classes are based on the Elemental Chi Kung series. Elemental Chi Kung (Qigong) is an easy, gentle form of exercise that will keep you agile, flexible and in the flow of life. Encourage healthy qi flow throughout the body - leading to improved or enhanced health, the maintenance of good health and the healing of illness. A meditative body-mind class that encourages connection between the body-mind and a deeper connection to self.

Suitable for all fitness levels these classes are for anyone looking for a simple practice to increase energy and sense of wellbeing.


Strength and Surrender


Mon 9.30-10.30am + Wed 7.30pm

This class is a Vinyasa style yoga class with roots in Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa flows. Wilhemeena's classes invoke a connection to nature and a somatic sensability as we breathe, open and integrate together. Leaving you feeling in your body, alive and restored.

Strength and Surrender-with Willa.jpg

Yoga for Young Women

Coming soon…

The perfect yoga for teen yoginis who want to strengthen their bodies while having loads of fun with their girlfriends. These classes are focused on warm up sun salutations, balances, standing poses and floor work, including back bends. Also various partner poses, especially fun for friends practicing together. There will be encouragement for each girl to be creative and independent with each pose.



Rotational guests:              

Sun 7-8.30pm - please check the events schedule

Join us for our wonderful and uplifting evenings of kirtan with guest such as Franko Heke, Emma Skellern, Valentina Barrios, Kiri Schumacher – Sunday's at Soul. No need to book just drop in at 7pm - make sure you check the event schedule as sometimes we have other events. You don’t need to be a good singer, just up for a good time with like minded beings! $10 or koha on the night.

Kirtan is a very simple & powerful way to meditate. It’s effortless & joyful; the music does the work for you as you flow with the melody & rhythm. Singing is the heart of kirtan, and no one cares what you sound like! You can even come to lie on your mat & bath in the sound.


Contact Improvisation

Bi-weekly TBC

Contact Improvisation is a dance technique where points of physical contact provide the starting point for movement exploration and improvisation. It is a profound technique that helps us unwind for a moment from our high-tech, low-touch society and come back to the realities of our bodies for connection, touch, healing and dancing.

A bi-weekly jam is held here at SOUL to explore, meeting and being with, holding and being held. Movement, touch, momentum, gravity, surrendering to the earth and playing with flight...

$10 minimum donation


Skinner Releasing Technique

Coming soon

These classes will introduce a meditative mindfulness movement practice, teaching us how to release old postural habits and experience new ways of moving with efficiency and ease. Experience creative movement, deep meditation, partner-work and body awareness, as part of a fluid way of developing a more integrated sense of moving and being. No dance experience necessary, just a willingness to experience your body in a new way. Students have reported feeling more creative, more energetic, more relaxed, with easier and deeper sleep.

Releasing postural tension patterns, Releasing the breath, Releasing energy flow, Releasing effortless dancing + moving, Releasing creativity

A transformative movement, awareness and bodywork practice. Classes unfold around the simple principle that when we practice letting go of habitual holding patterns we can move more freely, efficiently and powerfully.

Releasing is like a dreaming. It wakes you up to the real essential shimmering self and everything else falls away
— Wilhemeena Monroe
Nothing I’ve tried has done so much to bring me into physical and spiritual harmony with myself and others.
— Releasing participant
I felt as free and at ease as I ever have. As if that kind of soft but total awareness, without aggression or fear, is my natural state of being.
— Releasing participant

Private Classes

By Appointment

Private yoga classes offer people the opportunity to align the body, mind and emotions in a private space with undivided guidance and teaching. Regardless if you are a complete beginner or wanting to move deeper into your personal practice, private classes offer a space for you to do so at the level appropriate for your health and physical ability. There is plenty of opportunity for questions, explanations of practices taught and the space to go over anything that you may be having difficulty with in classes or your own practice. The class can be dynamic and flowing; gentle and restorative, or a mixture of both. You may set the pace and direction of the class according to how you feel on the day. Our teachers will guide you through a practice that includes postures, breathing and deep relaxation or meditation to facilitate openness and total wellbeing of body, mind and spirit. For those who are new to yoga, private classes are a wonderful way to learn yoga practices at your own pace in a private peaceful space where the teacher is there just for you.


Private Pregnancy Classes

By Appointment

Spend an hour with Wilhemeena Monroe as she takes you through a program designed to bring you peace, harmony and gentle asanas and breathing techniques to help you centre on your self and your baby. Add an extra ½ an hour for a cranio treatment or Birth into Being session and you will be feeling blissed from top to toe and walking away with program in hand to practice at home.  Gift vouchers for this luschiousness are also available.




INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL: Two weeks of unlimited classes for $30. Try all the different types of classes we offer to find the one that fits your style and fitness level best, or just take as many beginning classes as you can and really start to get comfortable with the basics! Whatever you do, this offer will allow you unlimited access to all our yoga and pilates classes, giving you plenty of choices, and total freedom to create a schedule that works for you.

*Offer is good for students new to SOUL classes, one time only


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$18 Casual Classes
$15 Student/Senior Casual

Concession Cards:
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5 Sauna Sessions: $150
10 Sauna sessions $250

3 Month unlimited : $396 - $35/ week*
SILVER - 6 Month unlimited: $777- $30/ week*
GOLD - 12 Month unlimited: $1444 - $28/ week

Private Sessions/classes: 60min , 90 mins
Single Session $100, $150
10 Session Pass: $850, $1250

Holistic Somatic Coaching/ Mentoring Programs - on request.
6 Weeks
12 Weeks

MOVING TOWARDS CENTRE: This package is an individualised selection of classes, workshops and delicious body therapies to endorse, enhance and facilitate a natural moving towards balance and vitality within ones creative, intellectual and physical bodies. Working with a personal lifestyle consultant we will help you find move towards work/life balance, vitality and bliss. POA