Chi Kung (Qi Gong) - the benefits of bouncing

I have been practicing chi kung for about 10 years with teaching for the last 8 of those. Over that time I have come to see the benefits of doing regular practice.

Students report more energy, more structural integration, more strength, more balance, more connection, less anxiety and a more easeful approach to life.

But what is the science behind some of these ancient practices?

Here is a little excerpt about just one of the practices we do in chi kung and it's effects on our system:


When you're bouncing, the G-force squeezes all the one-way lymph valves at the bottom of the bounce.

You've got mini-lymph valves every three inches in your lymph system. (thats quite alot)

You've got four times the amount of lymph fluid as you do blood and you don't have a heart to pump it. It only moves through exercise, and massage, and being squeezed.

So bouncing is very convenient.

At the bottom of the bounce (even just a soft bounce on the bottom of your heel where you hardly leave the mat, with your own body weight and gravity), the G-force, as it pulls back up, squeezes and circulates the trash out as it strengthens all your cells.

It squeezes every cell wall, so every cell can absorb nutrition faster and excrete waste.

It squeezes your major organs, like your liver; it gently squeezes it like a sponge, kind of cleansing it.

The G-force also pulls on the bone marrow and helps to stimulate that to grow, like weight resistance training does.

This increases bone density over time, as well as white blood count.

For the immune system, this is good.

And if you're going for 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes straight each day, medium soft bouncing, your metabolism works more quickly.

It seems to tighten up the skin, so it's great for cellulite. It lowers your body fat, and increases muscle mass. Your body gets really cut, like an Olympic athlete, like a tumbler.

Like those guys at Cirque du Soleil that jump all the time, your body gets very strong. Your immune system, your lymphocytes, your lymph system, is operating at peak.

Yep - all that just from bouncing.....


and that's just what we do at the beginning of class.

So come and give it a try....for June it's only $10 for your first drop in class - bring your friends and see you there! Tuesday and Friday morning 9.30 - 10.45am

Love from WILLA

Feeling the Qi (chi) at SOUL CENTRE.

Feeling the Qi (chi) at SOUL CENTRE.