Martin's year of SOUL

Martin Gebhardt spent a year with us here at SOUL as our 2018 SOUL Apprentice - here is what he had to say about being with us…….

“I see this year at SOUL as part of my personal heros journey learning essential lessons about life, relationships, myself and getting clearer about my personal place in this world.

I learned about non violent ways of communication and self-expression and to acknowledge different ways of being without the need to judge or disconnect from my heart.

I have grown more capable of taking care of myself, my body and overall wellbeing and to navigate through long days of work without burning out.

I embraced my life knowing that even in the moments of confusion and uncertainty I am worthy of Love.

I understood the ever moving currents of Life and the beauty of the Pacific Ocean with its waves representing this everlasting dance from the first breath to the last.

I am entirely grateful for Wilhemeena and the whole SOUL tribe, new found friends and the privilege of being part of this amazing family! Thank you for all the shared laughter and tears the joy and the sadness and overall for supporting me no matter how I felt. Loving and accepting me for who I am unconditionally and for showing me that I could do the same.

For everyone who is looking for more meaning, healing, a sense of magic, mystic and wonder and a more profound connections to self, tribe and life …

For everyone that also is not afraid of shining a light to the darkness that is inherent in all of us and to committ to truth, showing up and giving it your best…

This is a Training program that will enable you to grow and learn about your personal truth , It will give you a solid foundation so that you can shine your individual light into the world without losing your essence.

This program is something that is touching the lives of many people in order to contribute to more love, understanding and heartfelt connection on this beautiful planet earth.

I am looking forward to support the SOUL Tribe in future projects with all my heart love and SOUL…”

Martin Gebhardt