Ko Te Aupouri, rātou ko Te Rarawa, ko Waikato, ko Pākehā ōku iwi. 

Ko Clare Taylor tōku ingoa

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach at Soul Centre

My name is Clare. Born and raised in Aotearoa, NZ, I grew up in Auckland, wearing down the sidewalks of Westmere, Grey Lynn, Ponsonby and Herne Bay until I was 21 yrs old. When I flew the coop – I did the traditional jump across the Pacific ocean and based myself in Sydney, where I lived and explored for a while. Eventually though I returned to NZ to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication.

Still searching for my place in life, I immigrated to the United States for several years, where I found Hypnotherapy. I had become interested in hypnosis to help me with early childhood trauma.

However, back then, I was afraid of hypnosis , I thought that I could not be hypnotized and I had some serious trust issues. I worried I would say or do things I might not want to, or worse, lose consciousness and lose control. Thankfully a good friend, in the medical profession, suggested I take a course first, to learn about it. I signed up for a hypnosis workshop and quickly realized that is was not scary and I would not lose control, in fact I would gain more control and it was very safe.

After a few sessions with a certified Hypnotherapist, the behaviours that troubled me for twenty years were released and I was able to finally change. I have not looked back since.

With fresh eyes and a new take on life, I jumped in and studied Hypnotherapy at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, in California. Having finally found one of my tribes, I graduated from HMI with a Diploma of Hypnotherapy in 2008 and began my private practice.

 I have always had an inclination for problem solving and a deep passion for helping people. These amazing tools aim to help you connect your mind, body and energy potential, to achieve the best version of yourself that you can be. With a strongly intuitive approach, my sessions include a deep relaxation, suggestion based strategies (based on the information and goals you share), guided imagery, sound therapy, and I always incorporate practical solutions with good old common sense for rapid transformation. 

Hypnotherapy is still considered a little “out there” for some, but it is rapidly gaining medical and mainstream popularity as it is so super effective especially in the following areas: Weight loss, Test Anxiety, Relationship Issues, Fertility Issues, Hypnobirthing, Fears and Phobias, Habit Control, Insomnia, Pain Management and Stress Reduction.


So here we are, it’s September…. Spring is nearly here!

What is it that you would like to get rid of, change, uproot, get more of, step into……hypnotherapy can help in so many ways.

At the moment I’m really excited to channel my focus towards helping clients be the best they can be, especially those experiencing stress and need to change how they respond to it.  Whether that plays out in your relationships, your work space, your eating habits, your body and energy or your self esteem and confidence levels. My job is to teach you how to respond to any situation from a place of deep awareness and calm.  When we are calm, we make better decisions and create a higher success rate toward positive outcomes, without being a victim to stress.  My therapeutic process is designed to increase awareness, self control and motivation, and develop positive change on a permanent basis, with rapid transformation. I get great joy out of connecting clients to their powerful resources within, so they can heal and create the lives they choose. 

I can help you spring into higher wellness this Spring.  That’s my goal.  What is yours?

Clare Taylor is a Clinical Hypnotherapist working as part of the SOUL CLINIC COLLECTIVE, to book an appointment you can email her on