Term three class timetable shinanagins...make your vote for thursday goodness..

I can't believe we are approaching term three of 2018 - where did the year go? We have just had our 13th birthday and with that we have a host of changes that we hope you will love.

We say a sad goodbye however (for now!) to our beloved Xinia as she heads back to Bali to teach there (no doubt she will be back soon - so we will keep you posted!) Her last class will be on Thursday 12th July so come and say goodbye.....

Fresh in the wings we have the lovely Luke Gabites, a new teacher off the block so we are going to support him as we grow together as a community. Xinia also started her first yoga teaching here at SOUL - so we have a habit of creating AWESOME teachers! Super excited for this one!

Our other new teacher this term is Melissa Billington, Melissa is a world class yoga teacher and has taught hundreds of people in countries globally. We are super lucky to have Melissa teaching in our beloved studio as she moves to Auckland and creates her home here in Huia with our tribe. She will be teaching on Mondays in the morning and Thursday's at 6pm - her own style of yoga which she has created called MYOGA. Check it out here or come to one of her classes and try it out! 

Melissa will also begin teaching the Yoga for Young Women program and a Radiant Child - children's yoga program - so we are excited to get those rolling again for term three.

And LAST BUT NOT LEAST - we have been wondering what to teach on Thursday nights in the 7.30pm - 8.30pm slot................so we're handing it over to you..................the tribe - what do ya want??? We're gonna get ya feedback and then create something magic from that!!! Come and be part of it!!! So facebook us, email us, instagram us, call us on the phone, leave a note on our door - let us know what you want people!!!! We are the republic of SOUL!!!

Big loves tribe - I love you!!!!

Wilhemeena Monroe