What Is Natural Movement? And why you need it in your life?

The human body itself is a fascinating subject to study, its versatile and unique, and comes in different shapes and sizes.

Wouldn't it be great to know exactly what you need on any given day?

Over the last years of Studying Human Movement, Yoga, Sports Science, Anatomy, Dancing,  Somatic Work, Neuroscience and heaps of other amazing fields I came to the conclusion that I can not focus on one Lineage. 

So what that means is, that Natural Movement is a fusion of different movement arts, knowing that every day we experience life slightly different, every day we might need a different approach to move our body. And this is the space I facilitate in the Natural Movement practice.

We dive in to a conscious space , a safe space for you to discover your very own potential to move, to express and to be present with yourself. And this is how you get more clarity of what you actually need on any given day, moment, breath. Its that simple!

Some classes and exercises might be demanding others have a more gentle experience to it but what you will experience is the whole variety of Human Movement capacity.

What to Expect:

-The possibility to strengthen your body, get more functional mobility for every day life and release tension throughout your whole body and nervous system.

- A way to move despite having injuries or challenges, there is always a way to move.

- Learning to communicate in a group scenario and sharing your experiences and needs free of judgement.

-Exploring the creativity to express emotions, and your internal world in a safe and playful way with the support of a group around you.

- You are allowed to have fun, so its okay to laugh and to breathe fully and enjoy the experience

What not to expect:

- There will be no Sun Salutations

- No pushing to the limit mentality

- No lecturing, this is a supportive group atmosphere were we practice equality, freedom of speech and mutual respect.

So If you are open for a new way to experience movement , if your keen to see what you can do with that beautiful body that you have, to experience the ground and gravity as a tool to play with to walk on all fours and to let go of old habits and ways on what a class needs to look like, join me! We are social beings, lets move together and experience the beauty of being Human!

See you on Monday 7:15-8:30pm

Come down to SOUL and join the Tribe!

Love and a big Smile