Introducing Rani

We are stoked to have Rani sharing her knowledge and somatic wisdom with us, so we thought it might be nice to get to know her...


When did you start practicing yoga?

15 years ago

What other practices do you incorporate into your life besides Asanas?

Meditation, Mantra, Pranayama, Ritual, Authentic Movement, Conscious Erotic Dance, Mindfulness, Body Mind Centering, Practices of the sacred feminine.

Where did you study?  What style?

I wouldn’t say I have studied a particular style. I did my initial 200 hour TT in India in 2011, this was Sivananda inspired. Since then I have trained with several teachers of different styles. The main influences in my teachings come from Iyengar, Anusara, Body Mind Centering and Embodied Flow. My current teachers are Camilla Maling, Leslie Kaminoff and Tara Judelle.

What is the pose you find the most challenging for your body/mind?  Why?

Hmm maybe Rajakapotasana – King Pigeon pose. This is one of my favourite poses but it also challenges me. I have a pretty flexible lower back so it is easy for me to get into deep back bends but not always healthy on my spine. So I have to really work my strength to support my spine. I am also often faced with my minds strong desire to get into the full pose because I know I can. This is a pose that deeply calls me to listen to my body and to not push myself beyond my safe and healthy limits even when my mind wants to go there.

How do you take your practice off the mat?

I always contemplate how my practice relates to my daily life. Yoga for me is a way of living, a way of being, a way of moving through space and interacting with what is around me. The time I spend on my mat is an inquiry that effects my relationship to everything in my life.

Speaking of off the mat, what do you do with your time outside of the yoga studio?

I am a movement lover, outside of my yoga practice I dance regularly, I love to walk and go on hikes. I love to spend time in nature, with family, friends and animals too. I love to cook and spend time on nourishing myself through good food. I am often quite introverted, spending a lot of time in self-reflection. I also work in the field of sacred sexuality. The extrovert in me shines through facilitation of conscious erotic dance.

Tell us about your new class on Monday at 7.15pm?

This is a class for you if you are curious about diving a little bit deeper into your practice. Exploring your own incredible somatic (body) wisdom. Some of the things you may experience in this class are sophisticated alignment and anatomical themes. Guidance into deeper embodied awareness. Contemplation on how your practice relates to your every day life. The opportunity to explore more advanced asana’s if that is what you are seeking. This class will be taught to all levels, depending on who is in the room. And there will be plenty of time to relax and wind down before heading home.

What do you want your students or future students to know about you?

One of my greatest passions is inspiring and encouraging others to be fully empowered and connected to their own inner wisdom. To embrace their authenticity and truth. I feel called to support and guide others to create deeper connection, to themselves, in relationships, to the environment and to our earth. 

Welcome, Rani! 

Check out Rani's Strong Slow Somatic class for yourself, every Monday 7.15pm...